If your Rooster is Lonely


We have a rooster named Rhett
He’s never been much of a pet
Used to have a bunch of hens
Gathered around in the pen

All day long he’d strut’n crow
Really put on a good show
All the hens were impressed
They felt safe in their nest

Then the critter came a prancing
The hungry Fox kept advancing
Swiftly pursuing his females
And did Rhett try to prevail?

Now the rooster named Rhett
Has a different mindset
He’s missing his girlfriends
Gone like so many whirlwinds

‘Cause when it comes to tending
And then to defending
He’s just a lonely screwball
A scared chicken after all


Creative Commons LicenseThis work by dschwietert is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.